Buyer Client Testimonials

"Whitney was nothing but the best. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know." Nate Ridenour


"Whitney Minnich is outstanding in every category. Her professional demeanor, transparency about the cost breakdown, attention to detail, punctuality and availability - she exceeded our expectations in every way, and we are already excited to find other buyers to recommend her to. And, not only is Whitney very professional and a great communicator, she's also so much fun to work with!" Miki Smith


"Whitney was the best realtor we could have hoped for! We had a very short time line to find and rent or purchase a house. Not only did Whitney do a great job finding homes with our specifications, after being out with us she had other suggestions based on things we had said during prior showings. We were able to find a perfect house in a couple days, and she arranged the inspection while we were still in town, 24 hours after our offer was accepted. Were out of the state for the actual purchase of our home and Whitney communicated with us weekly and kept us up to date on everything. She was on top of the purchase and we never had to ask for follow up, as she was always one step ahead. We would highly recommend Whitney. She made a potentially stressful situation stress free with her professionalism, knowledge, and thoughtfulness." Heather B.


"I was blown away by Whitney Minnich's dedication, responsiveness, and communication throughout my entire home buying process, even after I decided to purchase new construction and it took about six months to be completed. The entire six months Whitney continued to go out of her way to attend every meeting, explain every detail of the process, and answer any / all of my questions, no matter how menial they may have been. As a first time home buyer, this level of service and commitment was greatly appreciated and really put me at ease throughout the whole process. Honestly, I rarely had to ask questions because she preemptively explained and reexplained everything that I needed to do, think, sign, and understand. Working with Whitney, I knew I was getting honest advice from someone who was well-seasoned and had my best interest in mind. I can't say enough good things about my experience working with Whitney. No questions asked, when I am in the market for another property or want to sell my house, she will be the first one I call." Alexia Marchetta


"We met Whitney at an open house. We have dealt with several other brokers over the years, and we immediately felt comfortable with her because she was informative but not aggressive, and she seemed down to earth. She has a great knowledge of homes in the area, and when we asked about homes further out, she researched right away to answer all our questions. She provides outstanding service. From our first meeting, when she listened to all of our needs, answering all questions, to our closing date, when she was a great support and entertainment to our toddler. Whitney is professional, hard-working, patient, personable and trustworthy. She was a pleasure to work with and made our two-week purchase timeline possible." Nathan Blumenthal


"I spoke with several other realtors before talking to Whitney, and by the end of our conversation I had no doubt that she was the person I wanted to work with. What I saw in our initial conversation proved to be true throughout our time working together: She is extremely knowledgeable about properties in the area and became an expert on me and my needs too, so that we were not wasting time looking at places that weren't a good fit. She was so organized that I was set up with access to property listings the same night that we first talked and had a loan officer and pre-approval within a week — a good thing as the property I wanted had a very short timeline and multiple offers (yes, I got it!). She is also incredibly hard-working and made sure every step of the process was done well, for example, walking through the inspection with the inspector and catching a few details I wonder if he would have caught on his own. Also, among her many outstanding skills, is that she always knew which way North was (important if you want good Southern exposure). Whitney is friendly, down to earth, kind and caring, and honest — she was very straightforward in all of our dealings and I knew I could trust her to have my best interests as her priority. But she's also tough and sharp and smart, which was incredibly helpful when we got into a bidding war. She was strategic and savvy and I am sure that the reason I own my home today is because of Whitney. On top of it all, it was simply fun to work with her and I would do so again in a New-York minute." Barbara McKenna


"Although my husband and I have purchased 3 other homes, Whitney was by far the best realtor we've had. She handled the purchase of our home like it was the purchase of her home. She helped us negotiate the lowest possible price and walked us through each step of the purchase. We trusted her judgment and appreciate all of the effort she put into helping us purchase the perfect home. Whitney was very accessible and always provided timely communications through texts, emails, and phone calls. She is very knowledgeable about the home buying process and is patient in meeting the needs of her clients. She contacted us months before we were ready to purchase a home and remained in close contact from that point until we purchased the home months later." The Torains


"She was an exceptional professional and our expectations were met 100%. Whitney Minnich was above and beyond our expectations and she helped us finding the perfect home. Her guidance and knowledge took us through an easy and enjoyable process. I highly recommend Whitney Minnich." Catia Carvalho Barros